Monday, February 25, 2008

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price determining general passage: learning of Bangkok Yasmin Chowdhury, when I visited first Bangkok 1994, I mostly received around the city with the bus. The penalty were slow, the clogged roads, and I experienced soon that I could only form a plan for the morning and one during the afternoon, since he could take hours of a pair for movement approximately. Then the city began to establish it skytrain. I waited with large expectation for its completion. It seemed, the time and many more moneys (OKAY, retards straight two years of and the over budget with three times), to require than original anticipated many more and the prices of transportation are admittedly quite high, but it is never terminated finally established -- if it (I saw an article in a siamesischen newspaper over the very much tilted people that the planned line had been never established to its range; meanwhile the Pilings, which domestic only leads that now to airport to be rather honest converted into announcing the posts) over is loves I skytrain. Surely, the adhesive structure, which emerges obenliegend, is ugly. Surely, form most stations the escalators and them lack inaccessible to those in the wheelchairs, and extraordinarily with difficulty for those pulling heavy bags or luggage. Surely, the two lines cover only a very much limited part of Bangkok. Surely, it is expensive. Surely, despite all controversies, the courses are frequently packed. Surely, the stations are clogged and I must by people sometimes press, in order mean to reach course. But I can see at least few to the city, while I travel, and I can now arrive at the notices on the line around fast and take the liberty to visit far more places on one day. Although skytrain certainly the marks, which move much around the simpler city (if you it to afford can), it obviously not the accumulation decreased, since the government opened then a very much limited subway system. First time I tried to ride it approximately a year, after it opened, was closed it for two weeks because of an accident. I finally rode it a pair years after that and discovered that it cost over USS0.50 to the travel, which would take it to me 10 minutes to the way. That seemed impudent and I likes not on and starting from is enough for escalators to ride and to tunnel travel. Since the metro does not seem to go over skytrain outside the much I stick to skytrain. But now, after expenditure billions dollar on those mass passage systems and despite having an existing extensive bus system and more roads than most asiatic cities of their level of the economic development, the government plans now fast passage of the bus -- a point like road level a trolley, but with penalties in place of the foerderwagen. Of course also one retards -- however the costs are a break of for skytrain and the metro. A more careful view at those expense uncovers interesting something and of the considerable importance, while Dhaka plans its general passage system. According to different net places of assembly cost skytrain, which opened for 1999, over USS1.5 billion for 24 kilometers. That amounts to USS62.5 million per kilometer. Of course things were more inexpensive back then. Structure of the metros began back 1996, but it not until 2004 was terminated. According to Wikipedia

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